Burrows cave in southern Illinois USA

Russel E. Burrows

This article will bring forth what Burrows Cave, located in southern Illinois IS NOT rather than what it is. That since no one to this date, some twenty one years after the discovery, know for certain what it is. How it came to be and who the people were, who used it so long ago. It can be easily nunderstood how ancient people managed to get to the North American continent and how they managed to locate so deep into America. To be sure, those people left us with evidence of their being here. Thousands of artifacts have been recovered with written script. Tghat script, which can be seen in the photographs which are published with this article, should tell us who and when. Unfortunately, those who could make such a determination have spent their time attempting to disprove the authenticity of Burrows Cave rather than attempting to determine who and when.