South-Germany's unknown Megalithic monuments compared to the well-known European counterparts - Part 1

Walter Haug

This article deals with pre-historic architecture found in South-Germany during the last 20 years. A big photo gallery shows these impressive monuments compared to others in Europe, which are called cairns by the archaeologists of Great-Britain and France. Especially the portals and passages of undiscovered dry-wall buildings are here to see. All findings are rejected by the local archaeologists, who are unable to consider fairly, because they are errected inmidst of so called quarries. But this fact only proofs how enormous the work was which had to be done to errect such monuments in times we can hardly imagine. This kind of necropolis is not unique. In Italy the Etruscians built similar graveyards into the slope of hills, f.e. Banditacci-necropolis near Cerveteri.